All Star PREP (“3/4-year”) Teams



All Star Cheer PREP is an 8-month (Sep-Apr) cheer team program.  PREP teams do not start practices until after the school year begins (September), so cheerleaders & families have their summer months off!

All Star PREP teams practice just one (1) weekday each week and up to two (2) Sundays each month.  PREP teams compete at 4 or 5 one-day (Sat or Sun) local competitions during the months of Feb - Apr.  Our PREP program is half the price of our ELITE (i.e. “full-year”) program.

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2022/23 "PREP" SEASON:  Sept 2022 thru April 2023

EXPERIENCE:  little or no experience necessary

PRACTICE:  one (1) weekday and up to two (2) Sundays per month

22/23 TEAMS / PRACTICES: Practices Start week of September 5th
   1) TBA
   2) TBA
   3) TBA
   4) TBA
   5) TBA

22/23 COMPETITIONS: TBA after evaluations
   1) TBD
   2) TBD
   3) TBD
   4) TBD
   5) TBD

22/23 PRICE:
8-month season: $2,246 (excluding uniform)

Tuition...................8 payments of $119  (Sep '22 - Apr '23)
Team Items.........5 payments of $199  (Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan)

Uniform......$TBA (new uniform coming soon!)