1. What does it cost to be on a CheerForce traveling competition team?

All the financial commitments are explained in our Team Registration Packet. We believe our all-star program provides you the best experience for your money. From our world class facility & coaches, to our choice of competitions, uniforms, and professional choreographers….no other all-star program gives you more “value for your money”!

2. How often do the teams practice?

We realize everyone has busy schedules and families want to have free-time over the summer. From May-Jun our competition teams only have 1 required weekday team practice, with a few special events (ie camps, choreography) on weekends. Most cheerleaders end up coming more than once/wk, as we still offer our normal classes, private lessons, etc. But, there is only one "required" team practice per week from May-Jun. Once school ends, we have twice/wk team practices until the season ends in April.

3. Are there CheerForce teams with a lower time/financial commitment?

Yes, we have All Star Prep Teams. Please click here for more information on our All Star Prep teams.

4. What if I want to be part of CheerForce, but not on a Team?

We have many month-to-month classes (Tumbling, Flight School, CheerNastics). These classes are only once/week and start as low as $45/month. These classes are month-to-month with no season commitment. We also offer Private Lessons for 1-on-1 training with our Coaches.

5. How long has CheerForce Simi Valley been in business?

The 2014-15 season will be our 14th season. Back when Coach Becky started CheerForce with 2 teams, we practiced out of the Simi Valley Boys & Girls Club. Now, we have our own 10,000 ft2 CheerForce Gym located in Simi Valley, CA.

6. Is EVERYONE (beginning thru advanced) welcome at CheerForce?

YES, everyone is welcome & appreciated. Whether your child has a double full or can’t (yet) do a cartwheel, they will be treated equally here. At CheerForce, no one is treated as “a favorite” and no one is treated more/less “special” than anyone else. The families who’ve joined us from other Gyms have told us they were initially worried they might be treated as “unwelcome outsiders” since they were coming from a “rival Gym”. However, they were pleasantly surprised how quickly their child was accepted by everyone (Coaches, kids, & parents). Our kids/parents view new families joining CheerForce as a compliment on our past performance.

7. Who are the Coaches and what are their backgrounds?

All of our Head Coaches are cheer professionals with extensive backgrounds in cheerleading. Most cheered in college, have years of all-star coaching experience, and have been judges for national cheer competitions such as JAMfest, COA, and American Championships.

8. Are there a lot of rules / does EVERYONE follow the same rules at CheerForce?

Yes. If you were to compare CheerForce to the Parents of one of your child’s friends…….we would be known as the “strict parents”. Some may not like this discipline, and think we’re too firm uniformly applying the same rules to everyone. But, in a “team” environment…….having a uniform set of rules that everyone follows, is crucial to success.