1. Who is the Owner

The owner of CheerForce Arizona DeeDee King 

She can be reached at DeeDee@CheerForce.com 

2. What is CheerForce AZ address ?

14575 N 83rd Pl

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

3. How many locations does CheerForce inc. have ?

We have three wonderful locations

1. Simi Valley, California

2. San Diego, California

3. Scottsdale, Arizona

4. Is CheerForce a D1 or D2 cheerleading gym ?

CheerForce is a D1 gym .

5. What ages can my child start tumbling classes?

Athletes can start training as early as 5-years-old and there is no upper age limit! Our goal at CFAZ is to help build confident people who one day want to compete at the highest level. This really is a sport you can participate in for the long term!

6. Do you offer a trial class for my child to participate in prior to signing them up ?

Yes, we offer a free trial class so that your child can participate in the class they are interested in. The trial class will be the best way to get a feel for what class will be the best fit for your child.

7. How do I sign up for a class ?

Follow these steps to enroll in any of our classes!

Step 1:
Visit our website - www.cheerforce.com/az - click the button that says “ register now” in the upper right hand corner . That will bring you to our iclasspro page .

Step 2:
Scroll down to “Create an account”, follow the steps, you will need to first add any Guardian if younger then 18, next you will make the student.

Step 3:
Click booking on the left side, click find a class and select the age appropriate program for your child.

Step 4:
Once you have found the specific class you would like to register for then you would need to select the correct participants to register (ensure it is the athlete, and not yourself). You will then need to follow the prompts to complete your registration .

8. What type of classes do you offer?

We offer a variety of classes including tumbling, jump and strengthening, flyer flexibility,cheer FUNdamentals, youth, intermediate, and advance flight school for ages 5 - 18 .

9. When are my monthly class tuitions due ?

Tuition are due on the 1st of each month. A statement will be sent out via email around the 20th of each month prior. Any additional items charged to your CheerForce AZ account between the 20th and 1st of the month will also be due by the 1st of the month unless otherwise stated. A $10 late fee is applied for all past due balances after the 1st of the month.

10. How are tumbling classes at CheerForce AZ different from gymnastic classes?

Tumbling classes at CFAZ revolve strictly around floorwork. Tumbling training involves trampolines, spring floors and various instructional mats. Athletes begin by learning forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and progress to backhandsprings, tucks, and full twisting lay-outs among other advanced skills. Unlike gymnastics, we consider a back handspring a basic skill and progress tumblers at a quicker rate than a traditional gymnastics class.

11. When does a new session of classes start?

Our classes are ongoing month to month. Your child can start at any time throughout the month and the tuition will be prorated based on when you start.

12. Can my child take more than one class each week?

Absolutely! The cost would be $68 for the first class and then you receive a 20% discount on the monthly tuition for each additional class.

13. What is the cost for a flyer flexibility class?

The monthly tuition for a tumbling or jump class is $90 per month. This includes one class a week for 60 mins with two coaches
* Team athletes pay reduced class tuition of 20% off for their first class .

14. What is the cost for a tumbling and jump classes at CheerForce AZ?

The monthly tuition for a tumbling or jump class is $68 per month. This includes one class a week for 60 mins with one coach per 10 kids.
* Team athletes pay reduced class tuition of 20% off for their first class .

15. What are private lessons ?

Private Lessons are individualized coaching sessions with the coach of your choice. Your coach will work on the specific skills ( ie tumbling, stretching, stunting ) you wish to work, and at your individual pace.

While our group classes must follow a set curriculum, our private lessons can be customized around your specific needs.  Private Lessons are the quickest way to improve your skills


30 mins : $40

60 mins: $75

max number of athletes : 2

16. What happens at try outs?

At CheerForce AZ , Tryouts are run much like a regular practice. Your athletes will be asked to jump, stunt, dance, and tumble. While the coaches will be carefully evaluating their skills, they will also be encouraging the athletes to relax and have fun. No prior experience is necessary, and everyone will be placed on a team

17. How can I best support my athlete going into tryouts?

We strongly encourage parents to help manage their athlete’s expectations before tryouts begin. In reviewing the options available for her/his age and skill level, try to avoid placing pressure on your athletes to make a particular team, and instead focus on what they really love about cheerleading, whether it’s the physical challenge, the friendships, the thrill of competition, or all of the above. Try to reassure your athletes that you are not emotionally invested in what team they make, and that they will always have your support.

18. What if an athlete does not agree on his/her placement ?

While we are confident that every single one of our CFAZ teams is set up with amazing coaches and a great competition schedule, we do understand that some athletes will feel disappointed, and are sensitive to the pressures some athletes place upon themselves. For this reason, we call some athletes prior to team review to talk about their placement and provide some background on our decision. However, our team decisions are final, and we ask parents and athletes alike to trust our judgement. We put a lot of thought into the tryouts process, and truly have the best interests of every athlete at heart.

19. How do you decide what team my child will make?

After tryouts our coaches go through what is known as "team deliberation." This is an opportunity for us to go through each athlete’s skill assessment page. From there we create teams based on age, skill, and the make-up of the team. We take into consideration all areas of the score sheet. Although tumbling is the most visible skill, we will also consider stunting skills, ability to pick up choreography, and mental fortitude. Our goal is the place athletes on a team where they will be most successful.